Warehouse 48v DC Air Conditioner , Compact DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CYNRIN
Certification: CE
Model Number: CCA020ED
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Price: USD799~3999 unit
Packaging Details: Wooden case package.
Delivery Time: 7 work days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000 sets per year

Warehouse Air Cooling 1000W Dc Inverter Compressor Motor General Air Conditioner


Product Characteristic

The DC Cabinet Air Conditioner is a high-efficiency, purely DC-powered split air conditioner for Telecom networks. The solution eliminates the need for an inverter and has capabilities far beyond those of conventional comfort cooling systems.Which supply is 48VDC, mainly used for industry field cabient climate control. using environmental friendly refrigerant R134A, close loop cooling protects equipment from ambient environment, with adjustable indoor temperature set point from 20-40 degree ventiation not recommend any more since the system highest efficiency. Adaptable for T3 condition which up to 55 degree tropic area.


This model Air conditioner is designed for controlling the climate of the cabinet in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Integrated AC Air conditioner with DC Thermosiphon Heat  exchanger , it effectively solves the heat problem of indoor / outdoor cabinet and achieve the maximum energy efficiency.


Product Features


1. Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

1.1 International brand's high energy efficiency compressor

1.2 International brand's low-power centrifugal fan

1.3 Environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant R134a.

1.4 High energy efficiency ratio (EER) design

1.5 High volume of wind, small enthalpy variance, high sensible heat ratio design



Technology Parameter of the Warehouse Air Condtioner



Brand Name
Model number
Product name
2000W DC Cabinet Air Conditioner
Product Type
DC Air Conditioner
Power supply
Cooling capacity(W)
Heating capacity(W)
Power consumption(W)
Range of working temperature(℃)
-40 ~+55
Running current (A)
Cooling : 2.2
Heating :7.0
Starting current (A)
Soft start-up
Dimension (mm)
Refrigerant type
IP level
IP 55
Noise level (dB)
Weight (Kg)
Door mounted (Hang)
Electrostatic coating (RAL7035)
Ambient set temperature (℃)
Temperature control mode
Digital display thermostat
Power supply connection
Three-core conductor (2~5m long)


DC Air Conditioner Advantage


  1. Air conditioner combines with Heat exchanger ( Thermosiphon ) , efficiency compressor and speed adjustable DC fan with long life time and minimal power consumption for energy saving.
  2. If △T isexisting , heat exchanger ( Thermosiphon ) will run ; If △T is not existing , Air conditioner will run.



  1. Compact ,mono-block ,plug and play unit to ensure easy installation.
  2. Designed with flange for convenient through wall mounting.
  3. Closed loop cooling protects equipment against ambient environment
  4. Constructed of sheet metal ,powder coated with RAL7035 ,excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties ,endure hash environment.



  1. Multifunction alarm output , real - time system monitoring and convenient human-computer interface.
  2. Self-recovery ,with multi protection function
  3. Alarm output : Dry contactor






Cooling Capacity(L35/L35) Product Model Mounting Method Dimension(W*D*H)mm  Dimension(W*D*H)mm Without flange IP Noise (dB A) Certification
300W CCA003ED Side- Embedded 181*200*400 181*200*400 55 60 CE,CCC
300W CCA003SD Side 240*150*400 240*150*400      
500W CCA005ED Side-Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546 55 65 CE,CCC
600w CCA006ED Side-Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546      
800W CCA008ED Side-Embedded 482*175*782 445*175*745 55 65 CE
1000W CCA010ED Side-Embedded 482*175*782 445*175*745 55 65 CE
1500W CCA015ED Side-Embedded 482*200*782 445*200*745 55 65 CE
2000W CCA020ED Side-Embedded 482*200*782 445*200*745 55 65 CE
2500W CCA025ED Side-Embedded 536*225*1201 485*225*1150 55 65 CE
3000W CCA030ED Side-Embedded 536*225*1201 485*225*1150 55 65 CE
3500W CCA035ED Side-Embedded 550*300*1350 500*300*1300 55 65 CE
4000W CCA040ED Side-Embedded 550*300*1350 500*300*1300 55 65 CE




Compact air conditioner details show

Warehouse 48v DC Air Conditioner , Compact DC Inverter Air Conditioner

 Warehouse 48v DC Air Conditioner , Compact DC Inverter Air Conditioner



● Indoor and Outdoor Hybrid Base station
Indoor and Outdoor Battery Cabinet
● Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Cabinet


Warehouse 48v DC Air Conditioner , Compact DC Inverter Air Conditioner


Package Informations

Using high quality waterproof wooden box to pack the air conditioner first, then using melaleuca kraft packing, final using thick laminates.



Single and Mult
Packing material
Carton and ply-wooden pallet
Single packing information
Net weight: 15.5Kg
Gross Weight: 17.5Kg
Size: L520*D237*H880mm
Multi packing information
Packing quantity: 10pcs
Net weight: 155Kg
Gross Weight: 187Kg
Size: L1200*W1100*H785mm





Contact Details

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