Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner High Efficiency Without Compressor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CYNRIN
Certification: CE, CCC
Model Number: LCT200ED
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 sets
Price: USD285~499.00unit
Packaging Details: Wooden case package.
Delivery Time: 14 work days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000 sets per year

Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner Without Compressor and High Efficiency


Product Characteristic


The Peltier outdoor air conditioner power supply is 48VDC, mainly for solution to cool and remove heat from small cabinets, control panels and consoles. It's technology and design make them especially suitable for harsh environments like food industry or traffic engineering. The cabinet coolers utilize solid state peltier technology and can be operated in vertical orientation. Separation of internal air circulation and ambient external air flow and a hermetical seal at the flange guarantee protection class IP55.Cooling capacities range from 20 to 400 W (can be customize)


And this small peltier air cooling can be with Intelligent controller built in for having remote control, alarming output. Three working modes: cooling, heationg, standby.  


Peltier air conditioner operate by the Peltier effect (which also named thermoelectric effect). The device has two sides, when DC current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other side, so one side gets cooler while the other side gets hotter. The "hot" side has heat sink so it can remains at ambient temperature, while the cold side goes below room temperature. In some applications, multiple coolers can be cascaded together for lower temperature.






Cooling capacity Product model Mounting type Dimension (without Flange) IP Noise (dB A) Certification
200W LCT200ED Embedded 400*200*178mm 55       55 CE
300W LCT300ED Embedded 400*200*178mm 55       55 CE




Product details



Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner High Efficiency Without Compressor



Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner High Efficiency Without Compressor





Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner High Efficiency Without Compressor



1. The hot side of the peltier outdoor air conditioner is mounted on the outside of the box

2. Use four M4 screws with flat washers to lock and fix the air cooler;

3. Products need to be installed vertically(Heat sink fin is vertical;

4. Avoid to external shock and damage.

Fan blades and heat sink need to be kept clean to reduce the risk of heatsink overheating and

cooling power decrease.





In order to comply with the development requirements of national energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon economy, we have continuously transformed and upgraded, and invested heavily in cabinet air conditioners and industrial air conditioners, and successfully developed more efficient and energy-saving air conditioning units.


The peltier outdoor air conditioner are widely used in can be widely developed for enclosed area climate control such as telecom outdoor cabinet, battery cabinet, industry control cabinet, precision instrument, telecommunication parts, medicine equipment, military equipment, etc.


Portable Outdoor Peltier Air Conditioner High Efficiency Without Compressor





1. Q: How about the air cooler material?

    A: It makes by 100% new plastic, pure copper for motor.


2. Q:  What voltages you can do, could you make special voltages?

    A:  we can make DC48  and all AC voltage products for you.


3. Q: I want to use our own brand, is it OK?

    A:  It is possible, we supply the OEM products too. 


4. Q: How about the warranty?

    A:  All the unit warranty is one year.





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