Outdoor Battery Telecom Air Conditioner Side/ Embedded Mounting Easy Operation

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CYNRIN
Certification: CE, CCC
Model Number: CCA010EA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Price: USD499.00~3999.00 unit
Packaging Details: Wooden case package.
Delivery Time: 7 work days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000 sets per year


500W,DC48V Air Conditioner,For Outdoor Telecom Cabinet/UPS Room/Base Station


Product Characteristic
500W DC 48V air conditioner is a full automation temperature control product. It uses intelligent controller to control the whole system of the air conditioner. According to the variation of environment temperature, the intelligent controller can automatically detect, operate and record the whole system’s operating time, power consumption, event and historical data. It can store 100 event records and 1280 historical data records, and can enquire 256 days’ daily record information. The product is widely applied in telecom cabinet, small and medium sized telecom room, UPS room, outdoor base station room, etc.


Product Features

1. fully closed air circle system, prevent the dust, gas fog and humid air entering into the control cabinet


2. efficiently control cabinet inside temperature, humidity, and prevent the malfunction of components, cabinet inside humidity can be controlled at about Rh40%.


3. with digital temperature display and easy micro-computer operation, the seting temperature can be control upon certain situation


4. the compressors and cpmponets adopt international brand to insure excellent quality and durable reliability.


5. with various protection and self-diagnosis fuction with alarm system, can joint wih CNC control system to forma collective control and focus monitor.

Technical Parameters
Item Type Technical Parameter
Structure Dimension
External Dimension: W*D*H 900*900*2100mm
Internal Dimension: W*D*H 800*800*1800mm
Layout 1 compartment
Equipment Installation Method 19” rack
Door With one front door, and special lock for outdoor cabinet (support padlock)
Material Galvanized steel, 1.5mm thick outer plate, 0.8mm thick inner plate
Heat Insulation There are heat insulation between inner wall and outer wall. The insulation material is 20mm PEF.
Ingress Protection IP55
Temperature Control Cooling AC220V air conditioner and DC48V fans
Lightning Proof Grade B lightning proof Nominal: 60KA, Max.: 100KA
Lighting LED lamp 48V LED lamps (immovable), with protective circuit breaker
Temperature Temperature Working Temperature: -40°C ~ +55°C
    Storage Temperature: -50°C ~ + 70°C
    Transport Temperature: -50°C ~ +70°C
Humidity Relative Humidity 5% ~ 100%
Pressure Air Pressure 62kpa ~ 101kpa (similar to 0m ~ 5000m altitude)
Radiation Intensity Solar Radiation Intensity 1120 ×(1±5%)W/m2



Accessories List


No. Item Quantity Unit Specs
1 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet 1 Set (1) External Dimension: W*D*H 900*900*2100mm
Internal Dimension: W*D*H 800*800*1800mm (2) One compartment: equipment compartment
(3)With one front door, and special lock for outdoor cabinet (support padlock)
(4) Material: galvanized steel; double wall with heat insulation, Sandwich structure panel
2 Air Conditioner 1 Set Cooling capacity: 2000W,
Power Supply: AC220V,60HZ;
3 Auxiliary Direct Ventilation Fans 1 PC DC48V
4 Environment Monitoring Unit 1 Set 1U, 19",SNMP
5 Water Sensor 1 PC  
6 Smoke Sensor 1 PC  
7 Temperature and Humidity Sensor 1 PC  
8 Door Sensor 2 PC One for controlling LED lamp, the other for open door alarm
9 LED Lamp 1 PC DC48V
10 Power Distribution Unit 1 Set Grade B Lightning Proof
AC Input: 63A/2P *1;
AC Output: 16A/1P*4;
DC Output: 16A/1P*4
Input Voltage: AC220V.
11 Rectifier System 1 Set Model: GPE48120C (DC48V, 120A)
(1) 4×30A Rectifier Module;
(2) 1× Monitoring Module;
(3) Power distribution frame.
12 Package 1 Set

Wooden Case


Standard Modle List


Cooling Capacity(L35/L35) Product Model Mounting Method Dimension(W*D*H)mm Dimension(W*D*H)mm Without flange IP Noise (dB A) Certification
300W CCA003EA Side- Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546 55 60 CE,CCC
400W CCA004EA Side-Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546 55 60 CE,CCC
500W CCA005EA Side-Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546 55 60 CE,CCC
600W CCA006EA Side-Embedded 352*175*583 315*175*546 55 60 CE,CCC
800W CCA008EA Side-Embedded 482*175*782 445*175*745 55 65 CE,CCC
1000W CCA010EA Side-Embedded 482*175*782 445*175*745 55 65 CE,CCC


Product Details


Outdoor Battery Telecom Air Conditioner Side/ Embedded Mounting Easy Operation


Installation and Electrical Wiring

Preparation Before Installation
(1) Prepare the tools in the following table “Installation And Maintenance Tools”.
(2)Check the air vents to ensure there’s no unnecessary items on the vents.
Installation And Maintenance Tools
Tools Name Function
Cross Screwdriver Fix air conditioner.
Small Slotted Screwdriver Wire power supply port on the panel
Wire Stripper Wire stripping
Wire Crimper Crimp power supply for equipment
Multimeter Check the wiring to ensure it’s correctly connected and without short circuit.
Clamp Meter Test operating current of the air conditioner
 Installation Steps
(1)Make sure the air conditioner is not connected with power.
(2)Fix the air conditioner according to the Dimension Diagram.
(3)Strip the insulation of the power supply wire, and crimp the terminal.
(4)Connect the wires according to the Electrical Wring Diagram.
(5)After finishing the wiring, use the multimeter to check if the electric circuit is normal. Then connect the air conditioner with power supply, and use clamp meter to test the operating current.
Note: Make sure to disconnect all the power supply to the air conditioner before installation. Choose proper wire diameter and test operating current according to the technical parameters of the air conditioner.


This kind air conditioner is specail for Telecom, Electric power, Machinery, Textile, Transportation, Automobile, Petroleum, Chemical, Metallurgy and Advertising, which is easily move and insert to the data equipment cabinet. And easy to maintaince. 

Outdoor Battery Telecom Air Conditioner Side/ Embedded Mounting Easy Operation



1. Q: How about the air cooler material?
A: It makes by 100% new plastic, pure copper for motor.
2. Q: What voltages you can do, could you make special voltages?
A: we can make DC48 and all AC voltage products for you.
3. Q: I want to use our own brand, is it OK?
A: It is possible, we supply the OEM products too.
4. Q: How about the warranty?
A: All the unit warranty is one year.






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