AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CYNRIN
Certification: CE, CCC
Model Number: CSA080FA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Price: USD1499.00~3999.00 unit
Packaging Details: Wooden case package.
Delivery Time: 7 work days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, D/A, D/P, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000 sets per year

Portable AC220V 8000W Server Room Black Cooling Units for Server Rooms and Data Centers

Product Characteristic

Data center computer room air conditioners are designed to protect server rooms; computers, networking equipment, peripherals and other sensitive equipment which may be safeguarding mission critical data. Data Aire’s responsive date center cooling componentry is scalable to meet today’s transforming industry. Through advanced engineering practices, Data Aire designs innovative server room cooling and server rack cooling systems with intelligent controls.


You can find these data center cooling systems support:


In order for critical IT equipment to perform at maximum efficiency, managing the environment in which it is stored is crucial. Selecting and maintaining the correct type of air conditioning system ensures that the conditions within your data centre or server room meet the specific requirements of the sensitive equipment.


Due to the importance of cooling, data centre managers are always looking for the most efficient solution possible. The use of standard comfort room air conditioning may appeal to some due to the lower initial outlay in comparison with precision systems. The total cooling capacity of an air conditioning system is made up of sensible cooling and latent cooling. Sensible cooling lowers the temperature of the room by removing heat, whilst latent cooling lowers the moisture content of the air to dehumidify the room. Data centres and server rooms require a high amount of sensible cooling and very little latent cooling so it's important that the system you choose is able to provide that. Around 40% of standard comfort cooling's function is latent cooling. This means a lot of its focus is on dehumidifying the room rather than actually lowering the temperature.  In contrast to comfort cooling, precision air conditioning is able to meet the needs of sensitive IT equipment and dense electrical heat loads. With sensible cooling representing roughly 90% of precision air conditioning's function, it is specifically designed to manage the high levels of sensible heat given out by IT equipment. On top of this, precision systems have better air distribution that comfort cooling and are designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year. Precision air conditioning is, therefore, an ideal solution for data centres/server rooms and represents a much more efficient option than standard comfort cooling.



Proudct Advantage


   Cynrin's portable air conditioner series provides supplemental or instant emergency back-up cooling to protect your critical equipment during a heat-related crisis. With a trend towards smaller, more "heat dense" servers, equipment shutdowns may be more likely to occur as your existing server room air conditioner system becomes inadequate.





Product Type Portable Cooling
Model No. CSA080FA
Extemal Dimensions(W*D*H) 483*840*355mm
Extemal Dimensions(W*D*H) without flange 440*840*355mm
Weight 42Kg
Working Temperature range -15 ℃ to +55 ℃
Noise Level 65dB(A)
Refrigerant R134a
Cooling Capacity @ L35/L35 8000W
Heating Capacity -
Rated power @ L35/L35 200W
Rated Voltage 220AC+-15% 50/60Hz
Interal Airflow 800m3/h
IP grade IP 55



Model Mounting method Input voltage Dimensions (Without flange)mm

Cooling capacity

LSA035FA Split AC 220V


3500 CE,CCC
LSA035LA / 365*440*940mm 3500 CE,CCC
LSA050FA Split


5000 CE
LSA080FA Split


8000 CE


In-Rack Split type air conditioner details show

AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W
AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W


AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W

This kind air conditioner is specail for the server room and data center, which is easily move and insert to the data equipment cabinet. And easy to maintaince. 

 AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W


AC220V Room Air Conditioning Unit , Data Center Portable Air Conditioner 8000W





1. Q: How about the air cooler material?

A: It makes by 100% new plastic, pure copper for motor.


2. Q: What voltages you can do, could you make special voltages?

A: we can make DC48 and all AC voltage products for you.


3. Q: I want to use our own brand, is it OK?

A: It is possible, we supply the OEM products too.


4. Q: How about the warranty?

A: All the unit warranty is one year.








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